About Me


What is a Grimalkin?

A Grimalkin is defined on a high level as an old female cat....but....in Irish and Scottish fairy tales.... a Grimalkin was a shape shifting witch that would turn into a black, shadowy cat...and would eat your soul!   


Art Stuff Too.....

I have always been a book writer: fairy tales, stories or poems... I'm always looking for the next adventure to write about.....BUT, I started with art. Mosaic tiles, painting, drawing, or redecorating are major hobbies. 

I am on a few different website for books, but you can visit here to read for free a bit of The Hunt of the Grimalkin.


My style

I'm a story teller - I let the characters tell me what style to tell their story in. I like the abstract. I like things that are different. But I really like things that improve the enviroment it is in.


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