Telling Tales of Magic and Making Pretty Things

Coming Soon! Book Three: The Circle of Owls


Chapter One

     For six long months had they wandered through the icy abyss of the Izotza Mountains chasing after the Blue-Scaled Dragons. The end of the summer months were hard enough, but the wintery cold was blowing in more snow; covering every path and hiding all of the creatures that were looking for their next meal. The only thing that showed any light was the small flame flickering from the entrance of the cave – reflecting Robin’s red hair against the rocks. 

     “I DON’T CARE! I’M SCARED, ALRIGHT?!” Robin looked out of the entrance of the cave; nothing but the void of the mountainside could be seen for miles. The fresh powder from last night’s storm made everything blinding white. “We can’t see the path ahead….and we can’t see any of the markers….and the yetis are out there…and what about that albino dragon? It’ll try to eat us again!” Her breath was becoming short and sporadic, as she stared without blinking. “We’re going to die.” She spoke just above a whisper. Tinker, her cat, started weaving in and out of her legs. Robin fiddled with the ends of her curly red hair which were sticking out of her hat, as she tried to control her breathing. She watched the foggy billows of her breath blow out into the nothingness. 

    “I think you’re overreacting just a bit, Robin.”  

     She ran her fingers through her tangled red hair, before stuffing it back into her hat and out of her face. The fire was dying down, but Robin didn’t see much else laying around that she could burn.  

     “You always do this! You get us into these situations that create more stress than what is needed! I don’t want to aimlessly run through the snow trying to avoid creatures that I can’t see!” 

     “Where’s your sense of adventure? It’s fine. Okay, I’ll go and you can wait here….alone.” The sarcasm of the statement was thick.  

     “Don’t leave me! I don’t want to be alone.” Her voice was small. The fear had consumed her. She was hugging the little grey cat in her arms, letting the vibrations of the cat’s purr sooth her anxiety. 

     “Well then, let’s get going.” 

     Robin wiped the tears from her eyes as she kicked dirt onto the fire. She didn’t want her tears freezing to her skin again. She bundled her coat around her and her cat, placing her book back into her bag before venturing out to the void of the mountain top; hoping the next mountain that they climbed would bring them back to the Ice King’s palace.